Sunday, June 10, 2007


Carlos & Lupe Garcia's Traffic Tactics

This "new" traffic scheme is actually pretty old and is not for the faint of heart or the newbie. See The Carlos & Lupe Traffic "Scam?"

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Day Job Killer

Day Job Killer is the name of an exciting new product to be released next week by Chris McNeeney, creator of Affiliate Project X. I've used APX to make some pretty nice income over the past several months, and I am convinced that Day Job Killer will be no less significant in its ability to pass along master-marketing skills.

Andre Chaperon says this about DJK:
Subject: Guru-Slap Retribution Time. It's about to get ugly, very ugly!

Day Job Killer (DJK) is the sequel to Affiliate Project X (APX), the affiliate marketing guide that gave super-affiliate power to the "average" affiliate.

DJK continues on from where APX left off, and then some. If ever there was a 'guru' killer guide, this is it. It's packed full of an assortment of powerful, unknown strategies and techniques that have allowed Chris to reach a seven figure income in a little over a year.

Unlike APX where it was largely just about promoting ClickBank products using AdWords and article marketing, DJK opens the floodgates to a whole new world, a far bigger more lucrative world.
It is clear that there will be quite a "feeding frenzy" when Day Job Killer "drops." Stay tuned.

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Friday, January 19, 2007


Vonage Free to Europe Now?

This is very impressive - Vonage is now allowing FREE phone calls to Europe! When I was a "kid," a couple of decades ago, it was SO expensive to call to or from Europe. Not long before that, the average person couldn't call Europe at all. Now it's free. I love technology. And now I wish I could be a youth hosteller traveling around Europe again!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Make Money With MySpace?

MySpace is such a hot commodity that I had to link up this article:

Make Money With MySpace?

Check it out.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007



As it turns out, my problems with SEO and pages falling out of the SERPs has to do with THIS blog! For sometime now, Google has apparently viewed this blog as "spam," i.e., a "splog." Therefore, all the links I put into entries here were considered suspicious and were destroyed by being driven into oblivion in the search-engine results.

My blog's been reviewed and cleared as "non-splog," but Google is still torpedoing the pages I link directly into the blog posts. I've removed them all, needless to say, but it will probably take a while for it to register that my blog is not splog, and I doubt I will be putting anything there again that I really care about.

Well, here is my commentary - hey, that really sucks! Who would ever know? I mean, Blogger cleared my blog as non-splog, but it is a miracle I figured out exactly why those pages linked to the posts were being torpedoed. In fact, it was driving me crazy. I understand Google's problem with spammers, but if a blog can destroy someone's pages, what's to keep an unscrupulous person from making blog posts about a competitor's pages and thus driving them into oblivion?

Here's another rub: These pages all had backlinks from a variety of sites, including article sites, that should have demonstrated they were not spam pages. All it took was ONE link in my blog posts to destroy them. That's amazing to me.

I see that this type of thing is normally a "black hat" problem, but it occurs to me that it is very dangerous if someone can, with one link on a splog, drive another person's pages into the basement or off the index altogether.

Sunday, December 31, 2006


SEO and Google

I'm a pretty fair search-engine optimizer, having many pages in the top 10 on Google's SERPs (search-engine results pages) for some pretty competitive and profitable keywords. One thing I'm learning about Google is that sometimes pages get "lost," even if they've been sitting pretty on top for weeks. All of a sudden - poof! - they just disappear. Sometimes it's temporary, but other times, it appears to be permanent. I've had that happen with some of my most best pages - heartbreaking, to say the least!

One of the remedies is to wait - sometimes for way too long - to see if the page comes back. If it doesn't after a certain point, I have to assume that the file is somehow "corrupt" in Google's eyes. Maybe I made a mistake in putting in the anchor text originally, and I've got two pages, one using the canonical URL and another using the non-canonical ("www" or "non-www"). In the case of the page never coming back, it seems to work if you post the page again, with a different URL, making sure to change the IBL (inbound links) to it, as well as redirecting the original page, so as not to fun afoul of Google's duplicate-pages rule.

For that reason, I am reposting my Dominating Clickbank page, which disappeared some weeks ago out of the index. We'll see if this little experiment works...

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Home Equity Mortgage Quotes

This Home Finance company looks like a good one for Home Equity Mortgage Quotes. It's worth a shot, because it's free.

Friday, December 29, 2006


Holly Mann | Honest Riches | Rich Jerk

Holly Mann is a single mom and disabled vet who has managed to become a successful internet marketer. Holly spills the beans in her book Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed aka Honest Riches.


Who is the Amazonian King?

Who is the Amazonian King? The Amazonian King is Martin (Marty) White, who made almost $100,000 using Amazon's affiliate/associate program. Can you make good money selling products through Amazon? For more information, see Marty White Amazonian King.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Website Header Wizard

Website Header Wizard sounds like an awesome new software that allows you to instantly create professional-looking header graphics. Forget about trying to create headers with the painful Photoshop and all the rest of the graphics programs! Just get this simple, inexpensive software and - poof! - you will be on your way in no time.

After struggling for years with trying to create headers, I am SO glad to see this product, Website Header Wizard, brought to us by Dave Watson.

I had problems with re-sizing the images - it apparently doesn't work with XSitePro, unless the image is entered into the "designer" function, rather than in the "background" panel area. I also found the indexing of the included header images to be weak - for instance, it doesn't have a "health" section. Otherwise, it's a pretty good product, worth the investment.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Domain Profiteer

Okay, Domain Profiteer is a great new product teaching you exactly how to make money in domain investment. The guys involved had made fortunes online, and they lay out their secrets and methods in step-by-step instructions. There's so much information that it will take some time to study and implement all their suggestions and tips.

If you're looking to make money online, this is one method you won't want to overlook.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Affiliate Marketing

Okay, the jury is in: There are few better ways to make money than to sell stuff online. Just imagine - you are lying in bed, watching TV, driving down the road, shopping, taking a shower, partying at a bar, eating at a restaurant, skiing, making love, traveling, etc. - and you are STILL making money, all the time, every hour, every day, every week, every month. Does that sound great? Well, it is great.

It ain't easy, but there are ways to do it, and the payoff is wonderful - but you already knew that, and that's why online money-making is so competitive.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


How to Dominate Clickbank

If you're a "newbie" or newcomer to internet marketing, you may not have heard about Clickbank. Clickbank is a site where you can become an "affiliate" and promote over 10,000 informational products that other people have created. You can also create your own and promote it through Clickbank. These products are usually "ebooks" or electronic books, videos and audios that you can download or access instantly through your computer. This type of commerce is enormous these days, and practically everyone who is trying to make money online is interested in using Clickbank. There are other "affiliate marketing" websites, but Clickbank is one of the most popular.

The product Dominating Clickbank is a great way to make money using CB.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Make Money Online

Q: "I've been studying how to make money online and all that good stuff. It can be very confusing. Do you making money online."

A: "Yes, I do make money online, and I'm working on increasing it. Keep checking back for updates on how I'm doing and any insight or guidance I may be able to provide."

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