Sunday, December 31, 2006


SEO and Google

I'm a pretty fair search-engine optimizer, having many pages in the top 10 on Google's SERPs (search-engine results pages) for some pretty competitive and profitable keywords. One thing I'm learning about Google is that sometimes pages get "lost," even if they've been sitting pretty on top for weeks. All of a sudden - poof! - they just disappear. Sometimes it's temporary, but other times, it appears to be permanent. I've had that happen with some of my most best pages - heartbreaking, to say the least!

One of the remedies is to wait - sometimes for way too long - to see if the page comes back. If it doesn't after a certain point, I have to assume that the file is somehow "corrupt" in Google's eyes. Maybe I made a mistake in putting in the anchor text originally, and I've got two pages, one using the canonical URL and another using the non-canonical ("www" or "non-www"). In the case of the page never coming back, it seems to work if you post the page again, with a different URL, making sure to change the IBL (inbound links) to it, as well as redirecting the original page, so as not to fun afoul of Google's duplicate-pages rule.

For that reason, I am reposting my Dominating Clickbank page, which disappeared some weeks ago out of the index. We'll see if this little experiment works...

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