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As it turns out, my problems with SEO and pages falling out of the SERPs has to do with THIS blog! For sometime now, Google has apparently viewed this blog as "spam," i.e., a "splog." Therefore, all the links I put into entries here were considered suspicious and were destroyed by being driven into oblivion in the search-engine results.

My blog's been reviewed and cleared as "non-splog," but Google is still torpedoing the pages I link directly into the blog posts. I've removed them all, needless to say, but it will probably take a while for it to register that my blog is not splog, and I doubt I will be putting anything there again that I really care about.

Well, here is my commentary - hey, that really sucks! Who would ever know? I mean, Blogger cleared my blog as non-splog, but it is a miracle I figured out exactly why those pages linked to the posts were being torpedoed. In fact, it was driving me crazy. I understand Google's problem with spammers, but if a blog can destroy someone's pages, what's to keep an unscrupulous person from making blog posts about a competitor's pages and thus driving them into oblivion?

Here's another rub: These pages all had backlinks from a variety of sites, including article sites, that should have demonstrated they were not spam pages. All it took was ONE link in my blog posts to destroy them. That's amazing to me.

I see that this type of thing is normally a "black hat" problem, but it occurs to me that it is very dangerous if someone can, with one link on a splog, drive another person's pages into the basement or off the index altogether.

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